Meet the Cash Flow Optimizers.

"Today thousands of small to medium sized services businesses struggle with keeping a healthy cash flow. Many hope that they will be paid on time and that they can remain cash flow positive."

At BizPayO hope is not a strategy. That’s why we built BizPayO from the ground up reimagining what the the perfect cash flow automation and optimization solution could look like.

Then we built it.

In a time when many services businesses are challenged to maintain their competitive advantage, we believe that the answer is the ability to future-proof your business. This means being able to differentiate from the competition where you are not simply better, but different.

Our Manifesto

We change the narrative on how services businesses optimize their cash flow as we usher in the next generation category of Cash Flow Optimization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable services businesses to optimize their cash flow lifeline by getting paid faster, easier and without friction.

Our Team

Meet the team behind BizPayO

Meet our team

A solution that makes payments easy, fast and mobile-friendly have already become today’s table stakes in the “Venmo generation” that we now live in.

The next generation business will demand a cash flow solution that automatically “follows” the customer from initial engagement all the way to payment bank settlement.

We realize that while today credit cards and ACH/eCheck payments are the payment methods of choice, easier and cheaper methods are growing in demand.  

Business payment with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple will enable businesses to be more competitive and lower the cost of business even lower.

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The future will be about doing more with less:

Accounts Receivable and Billing will go from being a department to an app.

Payment settlement will go from days to seconds with cryptocurrency.

Cash flow will go from being a tedious game of ‘whack-a-mole’ where you’re running out of quarters, to a fully automated, autonomous system that a business owner or accountant can manage seamlessly from the palm of their hand.

"At BizPayO we are living that future today and welcome you to join us on the journey to become fully Cash Flow Optimized."
From engagement accepted to cash flow collected.

Meet our Team

When work is indistinguishable from play you know that you're in the right place. Meet our lovely family.
Allan Ratafia
Founder, CEO, CPA
Heart & Soul:
Life is fun; but success is all about the details.
Maple syrup, fun bantering, the way money works, fantasy football.
Soggy cereal, getting paid slowly, any show where I have to "Just make it through the first two seasons" before it get's good.
Marc Howard
Cofounder and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)
Heart & Soul:
Be different, not better.
AI, cryptocurrency, getting lost in foreign cities and getting rescued by dogs.
Repetitive tasks, international fees, office cubicles, and tiny dinners.
Ray Pittman
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
Heart & Soul:
I intend to live life, not just exist.
Filet Mignon, motorcycles, coaching youth baseball.
Tailgaters, bad parents, bot phone calls.
Brian Hansen
Full Stack Engineer
Heart & Soul:
Be true to yourself. Be the soothing light at the end of the tunnel. Be the change you want to see in the world.
Family, friends, music.
Lost time, forgetfulness... what was the question?
Nita Sabo
Customer Success Manager
Heart & Soul:
Live life to the fullest!
The smell of the ocean, great food & drink, family.
Bad fashion, reality shows, stinky things!
Abbey Ratafia
Customer Success Manager, Influencer and Blogger Channel
Heart & Soul:
Find the perfect balance between living in the moment and being a forward thinking visionary.
Fashion, NYC, Marie Kondo, snowboarding, and the feeling when the airplane doors shut and the seat next to you is open.
Black beans, dirty things, dancing and people who text one word answers with a period at the end.
CLM (Chief Loud Mouth)
Heart & Soul:
Making his voice heard even if no one is listening
Interrupting conference calls
Getting yelled at for interrupting conference calls