From engagement accepted to cash flow collected.

Getting paid shouldn't be so hard.
The Old Way
Send engagement
Secure proper signature of acceptance
Add customer to your database
Create engagement invoice
Receive payment for engagement
Apply deposit against engagement invoice
Make bank deposit
Increase Cash & Income on books
Set up future invoicing intervals
Create future invoices
Time spent for collections
Receive payment for invoices
Apply deposit against invoices
Make bank deposit
Set up future invoicing intervals
Make bank deposit
The New Way
Send Engagement.
Get Paid.
With BizPayO you get paid faster, easier and without friction.

BizPayO: the easiest way to go from accepted to cash flow collected.

BizPayO automates your cash flow from sending the initial client engagement, to seamlessly accepting client payment online. It also automatically syncs to QuickBooks - truly set it and forget it.

Company Settings
Recovery Fee for Charge Card Transactions
Convenience Fee
Enter the surcharge you want to charge customers on all future charge card transactions.
Save Settings
QuickBooks Desktop & Online
Secure Payment Portal
Select a payment method below:
Pay by card (3%)
Pay by eCheck (Free)
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BizPayO is a Cash Flow Optimization platform that lets you to accept payments online and avoid the processing fees.