Are You Ready For a Cash Flow Optimization Platform?

Friday, February 22, 2019

A Cash Flow Optimization Platform (CFOP) goes beyond the siloed capabilities of initial client engagement, online payment processing, and syncing with your accounting software. CFOPs are collectively able to recover an average of 9% in lost profit for professional services businesses.

Take the short CFOP quiz to see if your business is ready for cash flow optimization.

For each category, select the appropriate number. If you strongly disagree, choose 1. If you strongly agree, choose 5.

The numbers in between 1 and 5 correspond to your level of agreement, neutrality, or disagreement. We will automatically tally your score when you’re finished and provide your results.

Worksheet: Cash Flow Optimization Platform Readiness

Understanding Your CFOP Score:

  • If you scored , you’re ready for a cash flow optimization platform.
  • If you scored between 60% – 80%, you’re moving in that direction. You should consider getting started with cash flow optimization very soon.
  • If you scored over 80%, you might not be ready for a cash flow optimization platform quite yet.

To learn more about how to become cash flow optimized visit BizPayO and chat with us live.

Marc Howard
February 22, 2019