BizPayO Now Integrates with QuickBooks

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Getting paid on autopilot just got easier. BizPayO, an electronic payment system that accepts online payments without placing the burden of credit card processing fees on the small business owners, now integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. This development helps small businesses get paid easily and on time from their clients, while saving hours of administrative headaches every month.

“With the BizPayO Sync Manager, auto-syncing deposits into your QuickBooks file just got a whole lot easier,” said Allan Ratafia, president of Build Your Firm. “With this amazing sync tool, you no longer have to manually key-in transactions. You can quickly reconcile your books and customer accounts.”

BizPayO was developed by Ratafia, a practicing CPA in New York, and co-founder of Build Your Firm. BizPayO is a stand-alone online payment processing tool that addresses the unique needs of small business owners by bundling essential payment, billing and client engagement functions. BizPayO is a well-conceived service that allows businesses to get paid at $0 net cost for credit cards, engage clients, enjoy recurring payments and sync with QuickBooks all in one platform, thus avoiding the need to install and sync multiple apps from multiple vendors to achieve the same result.

BizPayO was originally designed to help accountants get paid quicker without having to absorb all the credit card processing fees. Today, BizPayO helps small business owners (not just accounting firms) to get paid on autopilot, for less money, and with less effort.

Allan Ratafia
January 9, 2019