Letter from a Very Creative BizPayO Customer

Friday, January 18, 2019

Letter From a Very Creative BizPayo Customer

I started using BizPayO about 12 months ago
I reduced my receivables and improved my cash flow like promised
It made echecks and credit cards convenient for my firm
And helped build goodwill with clients in the long term

However, the BEST use of the system happened earlier this week
A client with a two year balance who thought I was very meek
This twit was behind with the IRS collections staff
He needed a 1040 in a flash and a half

After a weekend of effort I finished the work
And requested a meeting to collect from this jerk
He couldn’t meet me since his time was too dear
And requested that I email his work in the clear

He was dodging a meeting to avoid paying me a check
And anxiety generated was making me a wreck
“I’ll send the email when you pay my invoice
Use my system since you have no choice.”

“If you don’t pay my invoice by BizPayO
I’ll let the IRS give you a grand KO”
He tried to appease me with a partial pay
I emailed him that it was not OK

The Mexican Standoff lasted another hour
Despite the pressure I did not cower
The goniff finally folded and it made my day
He linked with BizPayO and made a full pay

Letter we received from accountant.  We removed name for obvious reasons.  

Marc Howard
January 18, 2019