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Unlimited Payments per month
Automated Google Reviews
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100% ROI Money Back Guarantee:
Save more than you pay
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14 day free trial. No credit card required
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25 Payments per month
Accept Credit Cards + ACH Instantly
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee?

One Year Money Back Guarantee

For Pro level users

When you sign up as a Pro level BizPayO user, we provide you with a one-year money back guarantee.

We guarantee that BizPayO will save you more money than your paid subscription over your first 12-months, otherwise we will refund your paid subscription.

Terms and Conditions:
Simply use BizPayO fully to meet the following criteria over your first 12 months.

-Receive $50,000 or more in customer payments.
-Receive payments from 20 or more separate customers.
-Send 10 or more smart proposals to separate customers through BizPayO.
-Complete your BizPayO professional profile.
-Keep credit card, ACH/echeck and automated reviews enabled.
-Maintain a 3% surcharge or equivalent convenience fee* for incoming credit card payments.  *If you use a convenience fee, rather than a % surcharge, your convenience fee should be set so its equivalent to 3% or more of your average customer payment. So if your average customer payment is $500, then your convenience fee should be $15 or more ($500 x 3% = $15)

Financial Benefit/Savings
By maintaining these terms and conditions, you will enjoy a financial benefit in excess of your paid BizPayO Pro subscription computed by total credit card fees recovered plus new business generated from smart proposals.

Submitting a Claim (after 12 months)
If you feel that you are eligible for the money back guarantee please email the following to us within 60 days after your first 12 months ends. Please include your total credit card fees recovered, your surcharge percent or fixed convenience fee, total value of customer payments processed and the number of smart proposals sent. Please email to [email protected]

How does the 14-day trial work?

You will have full access to the plan that you select during the 14-day free trial. After your 14 day free trial your BizPayO user fee will automatically begin and be charged as an ACH to your bank info on file.

Does this replace my accounting software?

No. Bizpayo complements your accounting system to integrate and record current payment data of your customers and/or vendors, while simplifying your account reconcilement and reducing your accounts receivables.

What is Fee Recovery and how does it save on my processing fees?

With BizPayO you can recover your processing fees. BizPayO lets you set your own credit card recovery fee. For example if you charge a customer $100 you can recover the 2.99% processing fee by setting a 3% recovery fee.

Instead of getting $97 you now get paid the full $100

How much does it cost?

If used properly, the credit card processing fee shown below will be recovered using the BizPayO technology if you enable Fee Recovery. The following are our processing rates:

Credit Card = 2.99% (able to charge a convenience fee or surcharge to recover costs)

ACH/eCheck = 0.89% (less than 1%)

I already accept Credit Cards – why do I want BizPayO?

So you no longer have to absorb all the 3rd party processing fees that you are paying to your charge card processing company now. This can translate into thousands or tens of dollars in annual savings. BizPayO provides the technology that allows you to recover these fees by setting either a surcharge or convenience fee for charge card payments. BizPayO works best when used in conjunction with accepting eCheck on the same e-payment page as charge card.

Have another question? Visit the FAQs page to learn more.