BizPayO™ Testimonials

Revenue and income is up 40% YTD, BizPayO a big help. Overall, I am very happy to be able to offer these payment options to my clients, I think it leaves a favorable impression with clients and is a huge improvement as I was using Paypal for all credit card transactions.

John Bell

John Bell, CPA

BizPayO solved a few problems we were having in our real estate rental business: 1. Getting paid timely (by the 1st of the month) with hassle free experience for our renters - recurring clockwork. 2. Getting paid at the time new renters signed their leases, we did not want checks for many reasons; most sign remotely so we wanted them to click to pay electronically at the same time. This gave us immediate assurance that the renter was on board so we could get them underway in a non-rushed manner. 3. Not absorbing the charge card fees – way too expensive otherwise.

We started off using BizPayO slowly, then once we saw how highly our renters were adopting it, we used it much more extensively. We use it exactly like the training videos showed us. Now it accounts for 80% of our payments and costs us virtually $0 to accept credit cards. The sign up took a few minutes and we were activated around 30 minutes later.

Margo Vale

Suite-Space Executive & Virtual Offices

No complaints, in fact I have integrated my billing into BizPayO and dropped my Intuit merchant account as well as ACH provider. I have had a few clients who have fallen behind and this tool helped us get them back to current and empowers the client to make payments directly without me taking a phone call.

Larry O'Dell


I have happily been using BizPayo since 2008. I have a small rental business in Vermont. All of my renters reserve on our website and pay by either ACH or charge card, including their rental payments and security deposits. BizPayo gave me the ability to get paid both ways at very little to no cost. Especially by using the fee recovery option, that is the big thing for me. I can’t remember even one complaint all the years I have used it. I probably don’t even use all of the features, I know they are always doing feature enhancements. The people who run it are good guys too and respond quickly.

Allen Lewis


It works seamlessly. Clients pay us much quicker now and don't need instructions on how to use it.

Mike Manoloff


I like the way it works. It’s simple to track payments and reconcile them to the deposits in our bank account. I have been using the convenient link creation tool within BizPayO and added the live link to emailed invoices. This speeds up payment and helps a lot. I really like the recurring billing feature because this provides us with more control over when we get paid and eliminates the discussion about fees and when the check will get mailed to us. Our goal is to get 90% of our clients onto the system so our cash flow improves even further. The days of waiting for checks to arrive in the mail are thankfully over.

Mark Orlando

M.W. Orlando CPA Inc.

Love the charge back feature, that was essential for us.

Riggins & Co.

The eApplication was easier and simpler than I anticipated:) I just want to thank you for contacting me…and encouraging me to go ahead and get the BizPayo system set-up.

Thomas L. Codington

CPA, QuickBooks ProAdvisor

The application process was simple and very straightforward and BizPayO was very responsive for every question I had along the way.

Vito Curcuru

Curcuru & Associates

I'm actually surprised how many will pay 3% more to pay by charge cards. Makes it a no brainer. I'm happy that transactions are batched gross and fees subtracted at the end of the month. This makes it easy to reconcile. I'm happy that the system is intuitive and easy to use - we've had no client questions on how to pay us online.

Peter Frueler


I really like how easy BizPayO is to use and convenient for our customers. Its costs us basically nothing due to the charge back feature. Well designed for us. I think it is an excellent system!

Misty Jones

The establishment of my account with BizPayO was made simple by first viewing their carefully crafted videos which showed what needed to be done in a step-by-step manner. The videos even provided helpful hints on how to save me unnecessary fees. I also received personalize help - this was a much better experience than I had before with setting up a merchant account and the resulting confusion and costs.

Steve Mueller

Mueller Accounting and Tax Services

Application and set up was easy & fast. I can’t believe it was so fast, awesome! Thank you for creating this product with the fee recovery feature, that's the bomb!

John Charles Roe


I had a client pick up a tax return yesterday - all he had was banking information – I used BizPayO and it worked great. Thanks again!

Duane Veium

Duane H. Veium, CPA LLC

We received our first electronic payment receipt yesterday for a tax return completed last week. We are very excited about that turn around.

James J. Driskell

Driskell & Associates, LLC