Online Payments for Accountants and CPAs

Increase your fcash flow by accepting payments online without the processing fees

Stop absorbing card processing fees

Now your accounting firm can take credit card payments online and pass the fee to your customer while still providing the option to pay by ACH for free.

Stop chasing late payments

Reduced time chasing down payments, constantly reaching out to customers who pay slow and spending hours every month updating accounts receivables.

Get paid without the friction

A frictionless way to get paid upon acceptance, auto-set future payments and automatically sync this all to your existing accounting software.

Securely authorize, process and store electronic payments

Automatically request and securely store customer payment profiles for authorization for future use credit card or ACH/eCheck)

Stop the manual data entry

No need to manually rekey in customer or payment data between different systems. Easily export or sync to your favorite accounting system.

Get paid in seconds not days.

You've completed the service successfully and you deserve to be paid right away.

Stop the software sprawl.

No more need to use multiple software applications to manage customer engagements, payments, and bookkeeping.

A bird's eye view of your payments

Track inbound payments from within a single application (i.e. from initial engagement acceptance to cash flow collected).

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