Payments for Influencers and Bloggers

As an entrepreneur you deserve to get paid on-time and every time for your hard work

Stop absorbing card processing fees

Now you can accept credit card payments electronically and pass the fee to the brand you are collaborating with while still providing the option to pay by ACH for free

Capture client payment information up-front

BizPayO makes it simple to capture a client's payment information up-front so you can get paid when the work is done

Stop chasing late payments

Your time is valuable so now you can finally stop chasing down payments and stop reaching out to repetitively late paying clients

Get paid in minutes not days

You've completed the project successfully and you deserve to be paid right away

Get paid without the friction

As part of each brand you engage get a frictionless way to get paid upon acceptance, auto-set future payments, and get a legally binding e-signature for contracts

A bird's eye view of your payments

Track inbound payments from within a single application. From initial engagement acceptance to when it gets sent to your bank account

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