Case Study: Los Angeles’ Top-Rated Accountant Reveals Automated Formula for Getting More Business and Ranking #1 on Google Despite the Pandemic

John Weldon CPA is a typical BizPayO customer that despite the pandemic is actually getting more business.

This is not due to luck.

In fact John’s CPA firm is in one of the most highly competitive markets in the country for accountants--Los Angeles.

John’s little known secret is that he has an automated system to close deals, get paid, and get reviewed online--with no extra effort.

It was a fundamental problem that he has now solved.

The automated system is BizPayO. Here’s how John used it to become the top-rated CPA in LA.

With BizPayO John pays 0% in net processing fees and all but eliminated accounts receivable collection.

John is now the #1 rated Los Angeles CPA on Google due to automated reviews with BizPayO.

John Weldon is #1 on Google

Here is what John has accomplished since signing-up for BizPayO:

  • Enabled one feature on BizPayO and now saves over $7,000.00 on credit card processing fees

  • John’s accounts receivable collection speed increased 100% despite COVID-19

  • 339 Reviews 5-star reviews in only 6 months collected automatically with BizPayO (the average accountant in the US gets 4 per year)

  • Is now a Top-Rated CPA in Los Angeles on Google My Business and #1 in Google search

John is crushing it because he fully understands the three key benefits to using BizPayO:

  1. Recover processing fees when getting paid electronically, so the business owner gets paid in full.

  2. Automatically capture reviews from customers upon payment while also pushing them to Google- dramatically increasing online presence without any effort or ask.

  3. Eliminate accounts receivable and gain predictable cash flows by using integrated smart proposals synced to inbound payments.

Before BizPayO John was paying thousands of dollars to accept credit cards--now he pays nothing

What challenges did you have before BizPayO?

“Before using BizPayO I was using a swipe card attachment on my smartphone and therefore if I did not have good reception I could not charge clients and therefore the process was very inefficient.”

John’s team increased AR collection speed and effectiveness over 100%

How has your business benefited from using BizPayO?  

“The speed and effectiveness of our collection have increased at least 100%.  We are no longer wasting time invoicing clients to mail us checks, we either draft from their bank account and or our clients pay us through the email link when we send our invoices.”

John is what we call a BizPayO power-user who uses our cloud app as the core of his automated system for growth

What are your favorite BizPayO features? 

“My favorite features of BizPayO are the email payment link and the auto-payment feature that is set up through the 'Engagement Letter” process.”

John now gets more business despite the pandemic without any extra effort

Was there a situation where BizPayO saved the day? Or helped you out? 

“BizPayO is making my practice more efficient and improving collections in light of the COVID-19 national emergency.  Clients have to pay for tax return services in advance before we start working on their returns.  As a result, our receivables are at the lowest amount in years.”

BizPayO helps professionals get found, get paid, close deals and get reviewed online--automatically. Try it free here.

Try BizPayO today and dominate your competition. Every time you get paid.

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