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More reviews in two months than two years

“I’ve tried everything to get reviews. This process has gotten more reviews in the past two months then I have been able to get in the past two years. I have sent letters, postcards, tried using an app. to help send requests, sent emails, asked for reviews in person, over the phone and on and on and on.”
John Charles Roe, CPA
CPA and Business Advisor

Its costs us basically nothing

"I really like how easy BizPayO is to use and convenient for our bookkeeping customers. Its costs us basically nothing due to the charge back feature. Well designed for us. I think it is an excellent system!"
Leela Jones

Can't wait to see what's next

"We have been using BizPayO since 2015 and the reduction in accounts receivable and merchant fees has been phenomenal. The interface has continued to improve and I just started referring some of my clients to the platform. I cant wait to see what next from BizPayO."
James E. Heyward, CPA

Revenue and income is up 40% YTD

"Revenue and income is up 40% YTD, BizPayO a big help. Overall, I am very happy to be able to offer these payment options to my clients, I think it leaves a favorable impression with clients and is a huge improvement as I was using Paypal for all credit card transactions."
John Bell, CPA
CPA and Business Advisor

Not convinced?

See more amazing stories from thousands of happy professionals. Or check out a case study on how one CPA saved over $7,000 in processing fees or this firm that made it to #1 on Google.

How it works

Accept online payments and avoid the fees

Recover credit card processing fees when getting paid electronically so you get paid in full. Accept one-time or recurring payments. Get paid right from your proposals or add your payment link into your existing invoices.

Send smart proposals and get payment info up-front

Eliminate accounts receivable and gain predictable cash flows by using integrated smart proposals synced to inbound payments.

Snag a review after each payment

Automatically capture reviews from customers upon payment while also pushing them to Google- dramatically increasing online presence without any effort or ask.

BizPayO eliminates the pain from any growing business

Accept credit card and ACH and recurring payments online or in office without the swipe
Automatically get Google reviews after each payment
Sync automatically to QuickBooks
Comprehensive reporting and reconciliation
Recover processing fees from credit cards
Engage clients & e-sign with professional proposals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the One Year 100% Money Back Guarantee?

When you sign up as a Pro level BizPayO user, we provide you with a one-year money back guarantee.

We guarantee that BizPayO will save you more money than your paid subscription over your first 12-months, otherwise we will refund your paid subscription.

Does this replace my accounting software?

Not at all. BizPayO complements your accounting system to integrate and record current payment data of your customers and/or vendors, while simplifying your account reconcilement and reducing your accounts receivables. You can even add your BizPayO payment link directly into your Quickbooks or Xero invoices!

What is Fee Recovery and how does it save on my processing fees?

With BizPayO you can recover your credit card processing fees. BizPayO lets you set your own credit card recovery fee. For example if you charge a customer $100 you can recover the 2.99% processing fee by setting a 3% recovery fee.

Instead of getting $97 you now get paid the full $100

I already have a payments processor, why should I use BizPayO?

BizPayO is the only payments platform that you save on processing fees while improving your online presence with instant verified reviews. This virtuous cycle gives you more reviews a lot faster and helps you automatically rank higher in Google search to stand out from the competition.  Instead of paying more for expensive paid ads, SEO or review platforms simply accept payments using BizPayO and put your business growth on autopilot!

How will increasing the quantity and quality of reviews help my business earn more revenue?

Studies have shown that customer reviews are more important than pricing when it comes to making a purchasing decision. People trust these more than celebrity endorsements and traditional advertising methods like paid ads, a fact which will be reflected in an increased transaction volume. Compare this to the time you waste doing it yourself and manually collecting reviews, following-up on review requests or expecting people to remember to review you on Yelp or Google My Business. BizPayO does this automatically--all you have to do is get paid!

How does BizPayO improve my SEO and online presence?

Each time a customer leaves a positive customer review it is automatically posted to your BizPayO public profile page and if your customer elects is pushed directly to your Google My Business (Google Reviews) profile. Imagine if you get a review after each payment. Some of our customers get hundreds of reviews within the first couple of months. There is no easier way to boost your website SEO and online reputation automatically while getting paid!

Have another question? Visit the FAQs page to learn more.