Accept credit cards and ACH at 0% cost

Enable customers to pay seamlessly and securely on your website. Get paid in seconds not days.

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Get Paid at Zero Net Cost

Your easy-to-use payment portal let's you get paid faster and less expensively.

  • Enable customers to pay seamlessly and securely on your website.
  • Set your own recovery fee for use of credit card payments and keep 100% of every transaction.
  • Provide the flexibility to also pay via ACH/eCheck.
Company Settings
Recovery Fee for Charge Card Transactions
Convenience Fee
Enter the surcharge you want to charge customers on all future charge card transactions.
Save Settings

Instant Client Engagements.

Send out customer engagement agreements, setup recurring billing and collect payments all from the same place.

  • Link client engagement or proposals directly to a one-time or recurring payment method.
  • Clients digitally sign and the document is securely stored using bank-level encryption.
  • Receive payment authorization and setup recurring billing all from one user-friendly dashboard.
Engage a Customer
Select Customer
Setup Payment
Add Agreement/Proposal

This will be sent as an attachment for approval.

Upload file
Preview & Send

Automatic Sync to QuickBooks.

Say goodbye to manually keying-in transactions. You can quickly reconcile your books, all transactions and customer accounts directly to QuickBooks.

  • Set it and forget it with our 1-Click setup.
  • Sync all transactions including credit card, ACH and eChecks to QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.
  • Get paid easily and on time from your clients, while saving hours of administrative headaches every month.

Get Paid Faster While Maintaining a Professional Brand Image

Now your clients can pay you in seconds and not days through your own secure payment link.

  • Branded payment portal with your own logo and preferred payment methods.
  • Embeddable payment link for website integration or email signature.
  • Mobile-friendly payments lets customers pay you on the go from iPhone or Android.
  • Get instant alerts on the go for accepted engagements and payments.
Harrison IT Solutions
Secure Payment Portal
Select a payment method below:
Pay by Charge Card
Pay by eCheck
Harrison IT Solutions
Secure Payment Portal
Select a payment method below:
Pay by Charge Card
Pay by eCheck
Harrison IT Solutions
Secure Payment Portal
Select a payment method below:
Pay by Charge Card
Pay by eCheck
Harrison IT Solutions
Secure Payment Portal
Select a payment method below:
Pay by Charge Card
Pay by eCheck
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Will BizPayO work for me?

BizPayO is a perfect match for any services business with recurring payments. Take our short quiz to see if you're ready for a cash flow optimization platform.
And many other professional service industries. Just ask if you're not sure!

What is Cash Flow Optimization?

Cash flow optimization means going from little to no control over your cash flow process to a fully optimized cash flow experience. It means simplifying everything from how you engage new clients all the way through getting payment confirmed in your bank account.

The value of BizPayO is helping businesses get from a basic "Level 1" business to an optimized "Level 3" business as follows:

Level 1
No Cash Flow Optimization

Has an accounting system in place but no online one-time or recurring payments capability, no ability to recover fees, no customer engagements linked to payments and no automatic transactions synchronization to accounting software.

Level 2
Basic Cash Flow Optimization

Has an accounting system in place, accepts basic electronic payments, no fee recovery, no customer engagement linked to payments, no automatic transactions synced to accounting software.

Level 3
Cash Flow Optimized

Has an accounting system in place, has electronic one-time and recurring payments capability, ability to recover fees, customer engagements linked to payments, and automatic transactions synced to accounting software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question below to see the answer.
Does this replace my accounting software?

No. Bizpayo complements your accounting system to integrate and record current payment data of your customers and/or vendors, while simplifying your account reconcilement and reducing your accounts receivables.

What are the immediate benefits of cash flow optimization?

Lack of easy and flexible payment options and late customer payments can sink a business. Cash Flow Optimization allows you to reduce your account receivables balances and put an end to customers that “pay slow”. Free up more working capital to pay bills, employees and grow your business to the next level. Try our quiz to see if you could benefit.

Isn’t a growing accounts receivables balance a sign that my business is booming?

No. Cash provokes profits, receivables inspire insolvency. It's unwise to let accounts receivable grow. When a business lets this happen, it can lead to unnecessary costs and cash crunches. This pressure leads to poor financial decisions often forcing businesses to dissolve. Try our calculator to see how much it costs you.

How much does it cost?

If used properly, the credit card processing fee shown below will be recovered using the BizPayO technology.

Credit Card = 2.99% (able to charge a convenience fee or surcharge to recover costs)

ACH/eCheck = .89%

Monthly Fee:
There is no monthly fee for our free plan only charges for the processing fees per the above--which our platform allows you to recover. Our paid plans offers the added ability to automatically sync to QuickBooks, add multiple users and get cash back for a higher volume of transactions.

Have another question?Visit the FAQs page to learn more.