Go from proposal to paid while supercharging your online presence

BizPayO is the only platform that helps you get more customers, get paid and increase your online presence

Simple, secure online payments

Instantly accept credit cards online. Use our Fee Recovery feature to pass on the processing fee cost to customers. This lets you keep 100% of the transaction! Customers will also have the choice to pay for free via ACH/eCheck.
What is Fee Recovery?

Send clients proposals and get their payment info up-front

BizPayO lets you send your clients or prospects a legally-binding proposal with e-signature and capture their payment information.
No more chasing down clients for late payments or waiting for a check in the mail.

Effortlessly get SEO-boosting customer reviews

Get a review immediately after each payment. We send these reviews to Google to automatically to help you rank higher when people Google for your business.
No more chasing customers down for reviews. The more you get paid through BizPayO the more reviews you get. This helps your website rank higher and land you more leads--effortlessly.

How it works

Engage a customer with a proposal or just send them your payment link
Customer leaves you a verified review directly after payment confirmation
The review is automatically posted to your SEO-optimized public profile on BizPayO
The reviews are streamed to Google boosting your web presence and business credibility

BizPayO is the complete and automated solution to:

  • Accept credit card and ACH payments online.
  • Get more customer reviews
  • Increase your online presence
  • Recover processing fees from credit cards
  • Engage clients with professional proposal
  • Go from proposal to paid in minutes.

More reviews lead to more business and greater online presence

of consumers only take into account reviews written within the past 2 weeks
of consumers will only use a business if it has 4 or more stars
of consumers trust online reviews more than a referral from family or friends

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The benefits of BizPayO

Get paid faster

Accept credit card and ACH payments directly from your website or private payment link

Recover your processing fees

Pass on the credit card processing fee to clients or let them pay with no fee using ACH (instant bank transfer)

Get more customer reviews

Get a verified review immediately after your client pays without needing to send emails asking for a review

Automatically sync to QuickBooks

Automatically add customers from your existing accounting software and sync transactions to QuickBooks

Send proposals and get payment credentials up-front

Instantly send clients proposals and link it to their e-signature and payment information to have a legally binding contract and avoid late payments

Boost your SEO and online brand presence

BizPayO automatically posts SEO-optimized reviews to your own reviews page boosting your online reputation and Google search ranking

Will BizPayO work for me?

BizPayO is a perfect match for any services business that wants to get paid online while automatically increasing their online presence.
Take our short quiz to see if you're ready for a cash flow optimization platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fee Recovery and how does it save on my processing fees?

With BizPayO you can recover your processing fees. BizPayO lets you set your own credit card recovery fee. For example if you charge a customer $100 you can recover the 2.99% processing fee by setting a 3% recovery fee.

Instead of getting $97 you now get paid the full $100

I already have a payments processor, why should I use BizPayO?

BizPayO is the only payments platform that you save on processing fees while improving your online presence with instant verified reviews. This virtuous cycle gives you more reviews a lot faster and helps you automatically rank higher in Google search to stand out from the competition.  Instead of paying more for expensive paid ads, SEO or review platforms simply accept payments using BizPayO and put your business growth on autopilot!

How will increasing the quantity and quality of reviews help my business earn more revenue?

Studies have shown that customer reviews are more important than pricing when it comes to making a purchasing decision. People trust these more than celebrity endorsements and traditional advertising methods like paid ads, a fact which will be reflected in an increased transaction volume. Compare this to the time you waste doing it yourself and manually collecting reviews, following-up on review requests or expecting people to remember to review you on Yelp or Google My Business. BizPayO does this automatically--all you have to do is get paid!

How does BizPayO improve my SEO and online presence?

Each time a customer leaves a positive customer review it is automatically posted to your BizPayO public profile page. These reviews and other content such as your own FAQ and Q&A section is indexed by Google. The more reviews you get the more user-generated content your page gets. We also provide a reviews sharing widget that you can add to your own website. This widget allows Google to include your star ratings in search results for your website which is updated automatically.

How much does it cost?

If used properly, the credit card processing fee shown below will be recovered using the BizPayO technology if you enable Fee Recovery. The following are our processing rates:

Credit Card = 2.99% (able to charge a convenience fee or surcharge to recover costs)

ACH/eCheck = 0.89%

Monthly Fee:
There is no monthly fee for our free plan only charges for the processing fees per the above--which our platform allows you to recover. Our paid plans offers the added ability to automatically sync to QuickBooks, add multiple users and get cash back for a higher volume of transactions.

Have another question? Visit the FAQs page to learn more.