Case Study: A Chicago Accountant’s Formula for Becoming a Top-Rated CPA and #1 on Google

Sanjay Asija of SCL CPA is now among Chicago’s top-rated accounting professionals.

Early on Sanjay found that the key to getting more customers, boosting his online reputation and ranking high on Google is great customer reviews.

And getting LOTS of them!

Since Sanjay uses BizPayO to get a review automatically after every payment it's no wonder that he is ranking at the top of Google search and getting more business.

SCL CPA has four offices and counting in the Chicago area with their South Barrington, IL office now at the top of Google search:

This is because Sanjay understands that automating your firm is the key to growth and success.

But Sanjay has a problem.  A good problem.

He is getting customers so fast that within the past year he has had to open more offices.

He now has four offices.

Sanjay leverages BizPayO not just to get more customers from his 5-star Google reviews or the SEO boost that his BizPayO reviews profile gives him.

Sanjay uses BizPayO as a formula to automate his client onboarding process AND payments--without the processing fees.

But how does Sanjay use BizPayO to automate all of this?

SEE this video we made on this case study and the formula:

How Sanjay Dominates and Puts Growth on Autopilot

Let’s break down Sanjay’s formula according to the AARRR growth framework (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral)

Acquisition (How do users find you?):

Every time SCL CPA gets paid their reviews flow to their public BizPayO professional profile page and then automatically streams to their Google My Business profile.

This means prospects googling for “south barrington IL CPA” or “best tax accountant south barrington illinois” Sanjay’s firm shows up at the top bringing him instant credibility and the lion’s share of leads versus the hundreds of other Chicago-area accountants that are struggling to get found on Google and end up spending thousands on marketing.

For the SCL CPA firm, BizPayO = free marketing.

Activation (Do users have a great first experience?):

Sanjay uses BizPayO to send a proposal where he can collect payment information up-front. This means once his engagement letter is e-signed his team doesn’t need to chase down clients for payments and worry about AR piling-up. He can take payment upfront, one-time or on a recurring basis.

Customers love this since BizPayO removes the pain of visiting the office, scanning or mailing an engagement letter or mailing paper checks. His clients can instantly see the status of his proposal, when it was signed, the terms and conditions.

In fact clients get their own secure portal to see all of this in one place. While some CPAs still use PayPal the BizPayO is the only system with fee recovery saving our accountants thousands of dollars every year.

Retention (Do users come back?):

Sanjay uses BizPayO to automatically send payment notices, payment reminders and review reminders. This let’s Sanjay and team focus on serving clients while BizPayO keeps his customers informed and extremely satisfied with his services.

The fact that so many customers have sought out SCL CPA and keep coming back sparked the need for Sanjay to open several more offices.

Revenue (How do you make/save money?):

Getting down to brass tacks Sanjay provides his customers the choice to pay via all major credit cards or ACH/eCheck. He can set a recovery fee on credit card payments to recoup the processing fees while accepting ACH at no fee for his customers with BizPayO. SCL CPA has saved over $4,500 in processing fees to-date using the BizPayO fee recovery system.

Referral (How do users tell others?)

This is where SCL CPA shines. With his automatic reviews it's easy for others to find the firm on Google and to see dozens of 5-star reviews. Happy clients providing reviews leads to more referrals.

This is key since accountants are at the very bottom in the entire services industry in their ability to get Google reviews (averaging only 3 per year):

This makes getting more reviews a no-brainer and a top priority for any accountant, bookkeeper or tax preparer. In fact ‍40% of millennials refer to online reviews and testimonials before purchasing a product or service.

Lightning Round Questions: How BizPayO Delivers for Sanjay

1. What made you try BizPayO? 

Sanjay: Collections were slow / delayed. It was hard to do engagement letters/client onboarding and we were paying a lot in credit card processing.

2. How has your business benefited from using BizPayO?

Sanjay: Collections are streamlined, engagement letter and client boarding is easier. Tons of reviews!

3. What are your favorite BizPayO features?

Sanjay: Reviews and no credit card processing fees.

4. Was there a situation where BizPayO saved the day? Or helped you out?

Sanjay: Collections are fast. So cash flow is improved.

Try BizPayO today and dominate your competition. Every time you get paid.

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